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Posted: June 6, 2021 at 1:58 am

Advancing Next Generation Cell And Gene Therapy

Cancer doesnt stop for COVID-19 or anything else, says Jay Feinberg and neither does he.

The founder of the nonprofit Gift of Life Marrow Registry in Boca Raton is determined to democratize and redefine cell and gene therapy to save lives.

A leading global stem cell donor registry with three decades of experience curing cancers like leukemia with stem cell transplants, Gift of Life will launch a new, for-profit biotech subsidiary this year: Gift of Life Biologics. Groundbreaking innovations in this field have led to a significant demand from biopharmaceutical firms for these same donor stem cells, useful as building blocks for next generation living drugs to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Our goal is to be a single source for the new era of therapeutics by tapping into our donor registry, collection center, cell therapy laboratory, quality systems and information technology all housed under one roof at Gift of Lifes 32,000 square-foot headquarters, says Feinberg.

Companies creating revolutionary treatments will find a tremendous resource in Gift of Life Biologics, which will deliver high-quality cell products and solutions advancing medical therapies at any stage of development from research through commercialization.

While many advancements have been made in cellular therapy treatments, certain critical barriers still impede success for patients, said Feinberg, who survived leukemia thanks to a bone marrow transplant 25 years ago.

As a majority owner of the Biologics company, Gift of Life will use revenues earned to fund the growth of the registry in order to save even more lives. Biologics is seeking impact investors in an initial raise of $5 million to help start the venture.

In November 2020, the organization also launched the nonprofit Gift of Life Center for Cell and Gene Therapy. The laboratory processes and freezes donor stem cells in a BioBank making them available off the shelf for faster transplants.

Our goal is to ensure that every patient has an equal opportunity to receive a transplant and other lifesaving therapies, says Feinberg, who is constantly looking for new ways to help patients in need, and procuring charitable funding to grow the donor registry and additional operations.

Gift of Life Biologics, 5901 Broken Sound Parkway N.W., Ste. 600, Boca Raton, FL 33487, 561-982-2900,

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