Creative Medical Technology Holdings Announces Patent filing based on Preclinical Data in Model of Heart Attack using ImmCelz Regenerative…

Posted: December 31, 2020 at 3:52 pm

PHOENIX, Dec. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --(OTC CELZ) Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc. announced today positive preclinical data using ImmCelz in treatment of a model of heart attack.

Patent application #63/132472, entitled "Treatment of Heart Failure and/or Post Infarct Pathological Remodeling by Ex Vivo Reprogrammed Immune Cells" covers data in which mice with restricted blood flow to the heart had significantly improved survival when treated with ImmCelz as compared to control mice.

"The role of the immune system in numerous aspects of regenerative medicine can not be overstated." Said Dr. Amit Patel, Board Member of the Company and co-inventor of the patent. "The data described today, while preliminary, supports the belief that ImmCelz, which is a "regenerative immunotherapy" can be applied across a broad range of conditions."

The ImmCelz product, based on decades of immunological research by Drs Thomas Ichim and Amit Patel, involves extraction of patient immune cells, "training" the immune cells to exhibit regenerative properties by incubation with regenerative cells outside of the body, followed by re-infusion of the patient's own cells. To date the Company has demonstrated that ImmCelz has therapeutic activity in stroke and liver failure.

"It is my honor that the work we initiated more than a decade ago is coming to fruition." Said Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, coinventor of the patent. "Ten years ago, Dr. Patel, myself and a team of colleagues described the potent synergies that occur when various cell types are utilized in combination for treatment of heart failure1. ImmCelz is the product of all these years of working and perfecting multi-cellular approaches to regenerative medicine."

"As we round out 2020, we have significantly expanded our Intellectual Property portfolio based on many years of collaborative research and development. Utilizing the ImmCelz technology for the treatment of heart failure is an excellent addition to this robust patent portfolio as it effects millions of patients in the U.S. alone. Patients with end stage heart failure in many cases have no options but heart transplantation, which is extremely limited." Said Timothy Warbington, President and CEO of the Company. "We are excited with the progress that the Company is making in advancing ImmCelz, which approaches regenerative medicine from a completely unique perspective. Given that the active cells in ImmCelz are derived from the same patient, we anticipate an accelerated path to FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) clearance."

"We encourage industry colleagues and other interested parties to review our early priority date patent filings to learn more about the ImmCelz technology and how it applies to multiple indications" Mr. Warbington further said.

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1 Ichim et al. Combination stem cell therapy for heart failure. Int Arch Med. 2010; 3: 5. Combination stem cell therapy for heart failure (

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Creative Medical Technology Holdings Announces Patent filing based on Preclinical Data in Model of Heart Attack using ImmCelz Regenerative...

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