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Posted: January 20, 2021 at 6:49 pm

Bone Therapeutics, a cell therapy company addressing unmet medical needs in orthopedics and other diseases, and Rigenerand SRL, a biotech company that both develops and manufactures medicinal products for cell therapy applications, primarily for regenerative medicine and oncology, have signed an agreement for a process development partnership.Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapies are currently being developed at a fast pace and are evaluated in numerous clinical studies covering diverse therapeutic areas such as bone and cartilage conditions, liver, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases in which MSCs could have a significant positive effect.Advances in process development to scale up these therapies could have major impacts for both their approval and commercial viability. This will be essential to bring these therapies to market to benefit patients as quickly as possible, said Miguel Forte, chief executive officer, Bone Therapeutics. While Bone Therapeutics is driving on its existing clinical development programs, we have signed a first formal agreement with Rigenerand as a fellow MSC-based organization. This will result in both companies sharing extensive expertise in the process development and manufacturing of MSCs and cell and gene therapy medicinal products. Bone Therapeutics also selected Rigenerand to partner with for their additional experience with wider process development of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), including the conditioning and editing of MSCs.The scope of collaborations between Bone Therapeutics and Rigenerand aims to focus on different aspects of product and process development for Bone Therapeutics expanding therapeutic portfolio. Rigenerand will contribute to improving the processes involved in the development and manufacture of Bone Therapeutics MSC based allogeneic differentiated cell therapy products as they advance towards patients. The first collaboration between the two organizations will initially focus on augmented professional bone-forming cellscells that are differentiated and programmed for a specific task. There is also potential for Bone Therapeutics to broaden its therapeutic targets and explore new mechanisms of action with potential gene modifications for its therapeutic portfolio.In addition to Rigenerands MSC expertise, Bone Therapeutics also selected Rigenerand as a partner for Rigenerands GMP manufacturing facility. This facility, situated in Modena, Italy, has been designed to host a number of types of development processes for ATMPs. These include somatic, tissue engineered and gene therapy processes. These multiple areas of Rigenerand capabilities enable critical development of new processes and implementation of the gene modification of existing processes. In addition, Rigenerand has built considerable experience in cGMP manufacturing of MSC-based medicinal products, including those that are genetically modified.Process development and manufacturing is a key part of the development for ATMPs internationally. Navigating these therapies through the clinical development phase and into the market requires a carefully considered process development pathway, said Massimo Dominici, scientific founder, Rigenerand, professor of medical oncology, and former president of the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT). This pathway needs to be flexible, as both the market and materials of these therapies continues to evolve alongside an improved clinical efficacy.Giorgio Mari, chief executive officer, Rigenerand, said, Rigenerand will offer considerable input from its experience of MSC-based therapies to enable Bone Therapeutics to keep and further accelerate the pace in development of the product processes of its MSC based allogeneic differentiated cell therapy as they advance towards patients. We will continue to use our MSC expertise in the development of Rigenerands own products, as well as in process development and manufacturing cell and gene therapies for partner organizations across the globe.

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Bone Therapeutics, Rigenerand Ink Cell Therapy Deal - Contract Pharma

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