Jumpcode Genomics Exits Stealth Mode, Unveils Technology that Addresses the ‘Needle in the Haystack’ Problem of Molecular Biology – Bio-IT World

Posted: September 22, 2020 at 11:49 pm

Patented CRISPRclean Technology is a Foundational Tool that Improves the Performance of Next-Generation Sequencing and Other Molecular Workflows by Increasing Sensitivity, Reducing Costs and Enabling Novel Discovery

CARLSBAD, CA, UNITED STATES - Sep 17, 2020 - Jumpcode Genomics - a genome technology company founded by industry veterans in 2016 focused on improving the understanding of human disease - today exited stealth mode and announced the commercial launch of its CRISPRclean technology. Initially available via three kits, CRISPRclean unlocks the power of next generation sequencing (NGS) by improving sensitivity, reducing costs and simplifying workflows. The company also announced that it has strengthened its leadership team with the addition of Yaron Hakak, Ph.D., as CEO. In addition, the company has added new advisors, including Dr. Stanley Nelson, vice chairman of Human Genetics at UCLA as consulting chief scientist, and Gary Schroth, Ph.D., vice president and distinguished scientist at Illumina, as a member of the companys scientific advisory board.

CRISPRclean technology is based on the in-vitro utilization of the CRISPR/Cas system to cleave and physically remove nucleic acid sequences pre- or post-NGS library preparation. This enables researchers to remove overabundant and uninformative sequences to allow discovery and detection of molecules previously undetectable (the needles). Like polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the technology broadly applies to many molecular biology techniques, particularly sequencing technologies.

Initial research applications focus on ribosomal RNA depletion, single cell analysis and repeat removal for whole genome sequencing. Additionally, Jumpcode Genomics is pursuing clinical applications, including the removal of human host molecules for a universal pathogen test and depletion of wild type alleles for somatic mutation detection in oncology. The technology seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and is agnostic to library preparation methods and sequencing platforms.

We aim to revolutionize the practice of molecular biology with our technology and to drive better results for researchers today and ultimately patients tomorrow, said Dr. Hakak, CEO of Jumpcode Genomics. When researchers perform NGS on biological samples, most molecules sequenced are uninformative, which results in a needle in a haystack problem. CRISPRclean solves this problem by simply removing the haystack.

The expansion of the leadership team and scientific advisory board enables Jumpcode Genomics to commercialize its technology and strengthen direct access to thought leaders in the scientific community.

About Jumpcode Genomics: Founded in 2016, Jumpcode Genomics aims to improve the understanding of human biology and the contribution to disease. The companys proprietary CRISPRclean technology utilizes the CRISPR/Cas system to deplete unwanted nucleic acid molecules from sequencing libraries. The process fits seamlessly within standard next generation sequencing workflows and works with most commercially available library preparation solutions. For more information, please visit: http://www.jumpcodegenomics.com

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Jumpcode Genomics Exits Stealth Mode, Unveils Technology that Addresses the 'Needle in the Haystack' Problem of Molecular Biology - Bio-IT World

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